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The Box Ek cenote and underwater cave are part of the larger cave system Taj Mahal, which is located on the eastern part of the Yucatan peninsula in



Box Ek is a Mayan name and translates to “Black Star”.


The Box Ek cenote is located 50 km north of Tulum.



Tulum is a very nice place on earth.

A bit of everything: sun - rain, modern - traditional, cosmopolitan - mexican, tequila - cappuccino.


Cave diver and cartographer.

Loves the caves and the splendour.

Is completely overwhelmed by the fact that she dives some kilometers in the rock.

  • Cool girl
  • Needs action
  • Wants to create a map and leave a legacy
  • Environmental project manager


Do the have any coffee here?

Let's take a coffee and take it from there...

  • Loves progressive cave penetration
  • Structure, procudures and check lists - that's life :)
  • Why not bring the camera?


Mr. Cave Diving in Tulum.

Instructor, mentor and QRSS point of contact.

Proud owner of Speleotech.


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