The Box Ek Project

124 Consulo

- The Box Ek Project -




One suppression

Two water filled caves

Mission: to create a map - Box Ek.


A defined and contained area in the jungle of Mexico that to us became an expedition of many sorts. Our journey took place on land, in water and in the computer.

This is our first cartography project and we are humbly aware of that we have much to learn and there is continuous room for improvement.

The project was carried out under the sanction of Bil Phillips, QRSS.


We got to know a lot of wonderful people along the way.

We experienced many emotions ranging from the love, despair, frustration, joy, fear and inspiration.

And we fulfilled a dream - to create a map and leave a legacy.


This Internet site was put together for ourselves to remember the expedition,

for our friends and family to read about it

and as a contribution to our fellow cartographers and the cartography community.



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Read about Tulum -

the town closest to the Box Ek cave.

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